Driving - some information & tips.

  Many of the roads around the Torridon area are empty, safe and smooth.

... with great views


There are however, also many single track roads with passing places to let both oncoming traffic and following traffic pass. It's really important to let others pass on these roads as some remain single track for up to twenty miles (and not everyone is on holiday!)

If one is approaching a passing place on the RIGHT of the road with an oncoming car, it is usual to stop on the LEFT (rather than dart in front of the other driver). However, common sense should prevail as if for instance, one sees an articulated lorry approaching in the distance, by moving into a passing place on the right hand side of the road, the lorry won't have to try and get past using the passing place (sometimes a long lorry can't manage this, and the side of the road is often soft peat bog waiting to trap unwary drivers!).

  The other hazards in this part of the world are wild and domesticated animals and livestock that are often on the road (especially at night and early in the morning).

In a fight between a large deer and a car, both can suffer equally!

Sheep will often sleep on the road, and even though they are fairly 'car savvy', at lambing time lambs will OFTEN run across the road in front of cars - to get back to mum. Sometimes sheep will also assume you have come to feed them and stand in your path waiting for food!

There are also unfortunately, accidents that happen as there are many foriegn tourists on the roads (especially in summer) who forget that in Britain we drive on the left. This often happens as a long spell of single track road becomes two way traffic, and tourists sometimes automatically move to the right hand side of the road.

  Lastly - the rather obvious:

A quick word on fuel stations.

There are pumps in Kinlochewe & Lochcarron which are open working hours Monday to Saturday (Lochcarron on a Sunday). There are no pumps in Torridon or Shieldaig. Applecross sells fuel 24/7 via a credit card only self service pump - but it has been known to stop working. It's probably best arrive in the area with a full tank! (Please note: The nearest super unleaded is in Ullapool - 50 miles from Torridon).