Artwork by Andy Moys

I am fortunate to live amongst some of the finest scenery that an artist could paint. My paintings usually start life as a walk with a camera and an idea of what I am looking for in terms of light and composition. Conditions can be so changeable in the Highlands that at any moment there is another scene created as the hues and shadows change.

What can look dull and flat at one part of the day can become celestial at another. I edit and crop my photos to suit my composition and canvas proportions.

I like to paint straight onto the canvas with very little drawing other than a horizon and a few sizing marks, preferring the image to evolve out of the canvas, starting lean then building them up. I am self taught and have been selling my work for 40 years.

Retirement is now giving me the opportunity to be more creative. I work in a small studio in my garden which I am happy for people to visit by appointment.

I also exhibit at Torridon Community Centre Gallery. 

For more information, or if you'd like to purchase, e Mail: