We have a constantly changing selection of artists, potters and jewellers who exhibit in our gallery; they include:

John Murphy, Frances Noon, Lucy Kemp, Bruce Blaxter, Suzan Duncan, Chloe Tinsley, April Barrie & Morag Hickman, Caroline appleyard, Fiona Gilmour, Ann vestano, Fiona Mathieson, Katherine Sutherland, Sue Groocock, Saffron, Janis Mennie, Jack Maris, Moy Mackay, Di Osman, Aileen grant, Sean Tomlinson, Senja, Jules and jules, Helena Emmans, Lisa Fenton, Hume sweet Hume knitwear, Grace Grvan jewellery, Marie Appleyard, Siabann skin candles and body oil, Penny weir pottery, Fiona Mackenzie, Tery McGowan, Katherine Sutherland, Liz French glassware.

Scroll down to see some of their work.